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Lakeland Nutrition is a leading granola bar, energy bar, snack bar, and protein bar manufacturer in the United Kingdom based in Rossendale, Lancashire. Our Protein Bar / Snack Bar / Energy Bar / Nutrition Bar value chain extends from concept to consumer, including bar R&D, commercialisation, production, and packaging. Nutrition energy bars, cold form, baked, functional, sports, granola, fruit-filled, enrobed, meal replacement and more.

We can easily manufacture protein bars to your specific nutritional requirements, including:

  • High protein content bars for sports nutrition.
  • Bars to suit special dietary requirements like no wheat gluten.
  • Soft, tasty snacks for schoolchildren and the elderly.
  • Power bars for pick-me-up energy boosts.

Whatever you’ve got in your mind, we’ve got the answers in ours. Simply enter your details in the form opposite and we’ll get back to you right away.

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